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Digital Dryads protect the Forests and the Future of mankind

Watch a quick presentation of Digital Dryads and a short tutorial made for you to get up to speed and get the most out of this application!

Interactive Map of Deforestation in Romania

  • Use the Layers to control what is active. You can also play with transparency.
  • Some deforestation can be easily seen by flipping between 2017 and 2019 layers.
  • Zoom and pan the entire Romania Map to get a feel for scale of the deforestation between 2000 and 2020.

Meet The Team!

Smart fun (sexy) tech-savvy engineers


Razvan Pistolea

Chief Tree Observer

Hand painting Copernicus satellite images onto your screen (it takes a while)


Andrei Mocanu

Forest Ranger

We need trees for air, but trees do not need us (co-dependency issues)


Sergiu Eftimie

Cyber Tree Architect

Uses technology to protect our forests (from ourselves)


Adnan Temur

Chiefly Tree Lover

“Adnan …really… loves trees!”  (we all have our reasons I guess)

The Digital Dryads can hear and see Mother Nature's Heartbeat in the EU

Forests are fundamental to the quality of the air we breathe and to the quality of the river water that cities consume directly or indirectly. They also play a key role in combating climate change, as they absorb and store CO2 in their biomass, preventing it from entering the atmosphere. Forests help minimize the impact of storms and floods by controlling soil erosion, as tree roots strengthen the soil. Have you ever imagined what life without forests would be like? We take and process forest raw materials, such as wood and lumber, and use them for a variety of products, from toilet paper, napkins, corks or notebooks to heavier items such as tables, chairs or plain wood for burning. Our society is not yet ready to give up this resource.

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